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Instead of simply selling you a solution, Corcomm Professional Services will provide you with the best solution for your situation. Most suppliers will recommend the latest, greatest and fastest (read most expensive) solution, but if you use a wireless connection simply to connect multiple PC to the internet, your internet connection should determine the speed of your network. Even the least expensive 802.11b connection will be 10 Mb while your "High Speed" ADSL internet connection has a download speed of around 1 Mb only leaving you ample bandwidth for the "low cost" Wireless network.

Did you know that if you have one PC in your 802.11G (54 Mb) wireless network with a 802.11b card that your complete wireless network runs at the 802.11b speed (11Mb)

Corcomm Professional Services installs the Linksys range of products but supports most other manufacturers.   




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