Need help setting up your X10 products? Help has arrived! In the list below you'll find links to instructions for some of X10's most popular products I actually use. Read them online or print them out to help you while you work.

We don't sell these products but trust you will find the manuals below handy.

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These manuals and instructions are in Adobe's Acrobat (PDF) format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, click on the button to go to the Acrobat download site.


Owners Manuals

Universal Remotes      
Product Model Size File Name
MouseRemote MK19A 403K mk19a-om.pdf
SuperREMOTE UR19A 261K ur19a_om.pdf
8-in-1 Learning Remote UR24A 375K ur24a-om.pdf
SuperRemote Home Control Kit HK10A 314K hk10a_om.pdf
UltimateREMOTE UR47A 226K ur47a-om.pdf
TV Buddy Remote UR41A 43K ur41a-om.pdf
5-in-1 Learning Remote Owner's Manual UR74A 280K ur74a-om.pdf
5-in-1 Learning Remote Code List UR74A 24K ur74a-codelist.pdf

Facebook Remote

Home Automation      
Product Model Size File Name
ActiveHome CK11A 260K ck11a_om.pdf
ActiveHome Code List CK11A 25K ck11a-codelist.pdf
2-Way Appliance Module AM14A 19K am14ais.pdf
Appliance Module AM466/486 39K am486-466-is.pdf
Lamp Module LM465 38K lm465-is.pdf
2-Way Lamp Module LM14A 38K lm14a-is.pdf
Decorator Dimmer wall switch WS12A 20K ws12a-14a-is.pdf
Decorator Dimmer companion switch WS14A 32K ws12a-14a-is.pdf
Mini Timer MT10A 97K mt10a-om.pdf
Outdoor Motion Monitor PR511 80K pr511-om.pdf
Hawkeye motion sensor (old) MS12A 7K ms12a-is.pdf
Hawkeye II / Eagle Eye motion sensor MS13A 8K ms13a-ms14a-is.pdf
ActiveEye motion sensors MS16A 11K ms15a-ms16a-is.pdf
Palm Pad remote control HR12A 19K hr12a-is.pdf
Socket Rocket module LM15A 8K lm15a-is.pdf
Sixteen Plus remote control RT504 114K rt504.pdf
Slimline Gold Switch SS15A 11K ss15a_is.pdf
Slimline Switch SS13A 11K ss13a_is.pdf
Touch Tone Controller (new) TR16A 43K tr16a-om.pdf
Computer Interface (old) CP290 1.8MB cp290.pdf
Transceiver Module TM751 6K tm751-is.pdf
Transceiver Module RR501 7K rr501-is.pdf
Keyfob Remote Control KC674 7K kc674-is.pdf
Slimfire Remote Control KR19A 16K kr19a-is.pdf
PalmPad Control System RC5000 15K rc5000-is.pdf
Slimfire Control System RC6500 15K rc6500-is.pdf
Digipad Remote Control KR21A 14K kr21a-is.pdf
Credit Card Controller KR22A 19K kr22a-is.pdf
Firecracker Kit CM18A 117K ck18a-is.pdf
Firecracker Interface CM17A 100K cm17a-is.pdf
RC6600 Kit RC6600 26K rc6600-is.pdf
Remote Chime SC546A 11K sc546a-is.pdf
Super Socket SR227 11K sr227-is.pdf
Smart RF Repeater SR731 8K sr731-is.pdf
Smart RF Repeater (New) SR731 8K sr731new-is.pdf
Wall Switch Module WS467 11K ws467-is.pdf
Three Way Wall Switch WS4777 12K ws4777-is.pdf
Universal Module UM506 8K um506-is.pdf
Sundowner SD533 68K sd533-om.pdf
Maxi-Controller SC503 68K sc503-om.pdf
Mini-Controller MC460 68K mc460-om.pdf
IR Mini-Controller IR543 7K ir543-is.pdf

wireless security camera

Product Model Size File Name
RoboDog PK9000 10K pk9000-is.pdf
Robodog Motion Sensor DM10A 14K dm10a-is.pdf
SuperREMOTE codes list UR19A 20K ur19a_addendum.pdf
CM11A programming protocol   26K cm11a_protocol.txt
CM17A programming protocol   22K cm17a_protocol.txt
PL513/TW523 Technical Note   1.1MB technicalnote.pdf
PL513/TW523 Data Sheet   9K pl-tw-is.pdf
Extended X10 code format   57K xtc798.doc